Pallet Stretch film is made of linear low density polyethylene, with a uniform volume, tensile performance, strong rebound force, high transparency, strong tear strength and self-adhesive. Stretch film offers a great protection for the products and it is used a lot in the warehouse to wrap around the pallets. It provides a strong hold force to the products on the pallets.

High Performance Pallet Stretch Film:
Thanks to our mature and advanced technology in production, our stretch film has a top performance in pallet holding. Each roll has a superior load retaining force and firmly secures products even under a rough transit condition.

Pallet Stretch Film

Pallet Stretch Film Features:
Excellent puncture & tear resistance
Preventing from water & dust Resistance to cold, heat and aging
High transparent
Good tensile stretch, Elongation(%)≥300
Colorful stretch film for wrap pallet
Smooth Surface & Cutting
Inner LOGO printing available,grade a trong paper core

Pallet Stretch Film Process Product

Our pallet stretch film advantage:
1. With high transparency, no discoloration, good self-adhesive, good retraction ratio, good retracting ratio, good tensile properties,1 meter can be used to 3-5 meters.
2. Non-toxic, tear-resistant, anti-puncture, hot temperature endurable.
3. Water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion.
4. It can reduce packaging cost, its economical, labor saving. Efficiency, increasing. It is easy to use and remove, suitable for palletized packing of products and transportation operation.

Pallet Stretch Film Application:
Stretch Film can meet all your requirements to ship palletized goods, move furniture and stock machine or equipment.

Pallet Stretch Film-3
Pallet Stretch Film-4