As we all know, the main function of food wrap is to keep vegetables fresh.The vegetables are wrapped in food wrap. We can put it in the kitchen or the refrigerator. Thus can prevent water evaporation, play the role of preservation. But beyond that, there are also some wonderful uses of food wrap.
First, effectively protect the range hood. Cover the range hood with food wrap and replace it every once in a while. So this will make the range hood very clean.
Second, cleans oil stains from windows and walls. Spray the cleaner on the oil stain first, then spread the plastic wrap on top. Because the food wrap can effectively lock the moisture, so that the detergent does not flow or evaporate. After waiting for half an hour, the dirt will basically soak down. Then remove the plastic wrap and gently wipe back and forth on the window or closet. Then wipe it with a dry paper and it will be very clean.

Third, protect important information. Wrap the material with food wrap, and forcefully press out the air inside to reduce the volume. This is mainly to prevent changes from being oxidized by air. Moreover, the transparent plastic wrap is also easy and convenient to find when searching for information.
Fourth, hair care. After shampooing, smooth the nourishing hair mask through the hair. Then wrap the hair with food wrap, which will help the hair absorb nutrients.
Fifth, help to raise the dough. While the dough is rising, cover the dough with food wrap. This makes the dough better and faster. But be careful not to stick the food wrap to the dough to prevent the dough from sticking to the food wrap.
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