PE Stretch Film is commonly used packaging materials, can be manually packaged, can also be combined with winding machine packaging. Stretching winding film packaging effect is good, can play a moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-scatter and other roles, is a better way of packaging.

1. Sealed packaging
This package is similar to a shrink film package, which wraps the tray around the tray, and then two hot grabbers heat the film at both ends together. This is the earliest form of use of stretch film, and as a result, more packaging forms have been developed

2. Full-width packaging
This packaging requires the film width to cover the tray, the shape of the tray rules, so use it, suitable for the film thickness of 17 to 35μm

3. Stretch film winding machine packaging
This is one of the most common and extensive forms of mechanical packaging, rotating by a pallet or rotating the film around the tray, and the film is fixed to the bracket to move up and down. This packaging capacity is very large, about 15 to 18 plates per hour. Suitable film thickness of about 15 to 25μm

4. Hand-packed
This packaging is the simplest of the stretch film, the film is mounted on a rack or by hand, by the tray rotation or film around the tray. Mainly used in the package of trays after the breakage of the repackaging, and ordinary pallet packaging. This packaging speed is slow, suitable for the thickness of the film is 15 to 20 m;

5. Packaging of paper cartridges
This is one of the latest uses of stretch film, which is better than old-fashioned paper tube packaging with winding film. The suitable film thickness is 30 to 120μm;

6. Horizontal mechanical packaging
Unlike other packaging, by the film around the item, suitable for long cargo packaging, such as carpets, plates, fiberboard, shaped materials;

7. Packaging of small items
This is the latest form of packaging of winding film, both to reduce material consumption, but also to reduce the storage space of pallets, abroad, this packaging was originally introduced in 1984, just a year later, the market has many of these packaging, this packaging form has great potential. Suitable for film thickness of 15 to 30μm;

8. Packaging of tubes and cables
This is an example of stretch film in a special field of application, packaging equipment installed at the end of the production line, a fully automatic stretch film can replace the strap tied material, but also can play a protective role. The applicable thickness is 15 to 30μm.

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