PVC shrink film is a kind of film widely used in the life. Because of the following advantages:
1: The price is low
2: The temperature is shortened
3: The scale is large
4: The demand for the heat source is not high
5: High strength
6: High rigidity,
7: Stable shape
8: Good gloss
9: Transparency
10: Easy processing
11: Easy color
12: Good printing performance
13: High printing resolution
Heat-shrink film is a new type of heat-shrink film packaging material which meets the requirement of environmental protection. And the pursuit of fine printing of trademarks is a material progress.

PVC heat shrink film is currently a new type of packaging material in the world. When the film is affected by a certain temperature, the film will shrink automatically and wrap the goods tightly to protect the product.

Function of PVC shrink film

1: moisture -proof
2: mould proof
3: rust -proof 
4: pollution -proof 
5: anti -damage
6: anti -theft
7: Stable storage, simple packaging process and equipment
8: Easy to achieve automatic contraction packaging
PVC heat shrink film is used to sell and transport various products. Its main functions are stable, covered and protected products.
The heat shrink film must have high anti -puncture, good shrinkability and a certain contraction stress. During the contraction, the film will not produce holes. Because PVC heat shrink film is mostly used for outdoor. So it is necessary to add ultraviolet anti -ultraviolet agents.
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