Most of the early stretch films were blown films. Currently, stretch films are mainly used to produce stretch films. This is because the stretch films produced by the casting line have the advantages of uniform thickness, high transparency, etc., and can be applied to the requirements of high magnification pre-stretching. . Because single-layer casting cannot achieve single-sided adhesion, its application fields are limited, so its application is not as extensive as that of three-layer casting process. Stretch film should have high transparency, high longitudinal elongation and high yield point. , High transverse tear strength, good puncture performance and so on.

Another feature of PE stretch film is that it can be made into PE stretch film with special properties, such as photodegradable film, drip-free film, anti-film, and light-selective film. The main reasons why PE stretch film is widely used today are as follows:

6 reasons why PE stretch film is widely used today

1. According to the requirements of application occasions and conditions, it can be made into flexible, transparent or various colors with certain breathability, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, waterproof and heat shrinkable, and can be printed with different thickness stretch films. The main varieties of agricultural PE stretch film are greenhouse film and mulch film, which are used for heat preservation, moisture retention, breeding and insect control. Agricultural stretch film has good weather resistance, good light stability, good thermal insulation and mechanical properties.

The main features of stretch film

2. PE stretch film has good protection performance, transparent and bright, low processing cost and light weight.

3. PE stretch film shrink packaging can closely adhere to the packaging, can evenly bundle and fix items, eliminating the tedious operation control of packing materials such as packaging tape.

4. PE stretch film shrink packaging relies on the strong winding force and retractability of the film to pack the product compactly and fixedly into a unit, and the product does not loosen or separate even under adverse environments. Because the stretch film has good toughness and cushioning properties, and the contents are fully fixed, it can effectively prevent the impact of shock and vibration on the contents, the packaging is compact, and it is not easy to damage.

5. PE stretch film shrink packaging can be used for collective packaging of pallets, which can tightly pack items and pallets together, saving packaging costs and effectively protecting the product.

6. PE stretch film shrink packaging can realize mechanized packaging, which is convenient for supporting the production line. The packaging efficiency is greatly improved, and the packaging equipment is simple, the work is stable, and the versatility is good.