Some people think that stretch film is a plastic wrap with poor quality. There are two kinds of plastic wrap: PE and PVC.
PE is a bit like plastic bags, and the material is cheaper. Food wrapped in PVC looks brighter.
Home use is generally PE film. The packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables used in the store is PVC.
Like stretch film is generally poor quality PVC film. There are too many impurities or not clear enough to be used in packaged food, so they are used as stretch film.
In fact, stretch film has a flexible, high tensile strength, and transparent. But it cannot be used in food packaging. Plastic wrap can be used to wrap food, but it is more expensive than stretch film.
Stretch film can be used for shipping packaging. For example, the packaging of large pallets, containers and cartons. Besides it can also be used for short distance transportation and sales packaging. Such as daily necessities packaging, stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe, profile packaging, roll floor packaging.

Most stretch films are transparent. A few black mechanical stretch film is mainly suitable for more expensive products.
Plastic wrap is a type of stretch film. But it does not require as much self-adhesive energy as a stretch film.
Plastic wrap is a kind of plastic packaging products. It commonly used to preserve food. There are three main types of plastic wrap on the market.
The first is PE. This material is mainly used for food packaging. Such as fruits, vegetables, etc., including semi -finished products purchased in the shop.
The second is PVC. It can also be used for food packaging.
The third is PVDC. It mainly used for some cooked food packaging.
Because of the plasticizer used in PVC plastic wrap. And the production cost of PVDC is too high. So most of the domestic plastic wrap are PE.
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