The features of PE heat shrink film, please check the below.
1: Good toughness
2: High heat sealing strength
3: Impact resistance
4: Tear resistance
It can also replace carton packing. To protect products, save costs, increase the visual impact of products.

Product type: Based on customer needs, it can be processed into a single film, center folding film, tube film and a variety of molding bags.

Technical Parameters: 
Width: 100mm—2400mm
Thickness: 0.03mm—0.25mm
Shrinkage: Horizontal 0-55%; Vertical 50%-80%
Shrinkage temperature: 150℃-220℃
Density: 0.92g/cm3—0.94g/cm3
Tear strength: Horizontal ≥40kn/m; Vertical ≥40kn/m
Tensile Strength: Horizontal ≥12MPa; Vertical ≥12MPa
Fracture extension: ≥200%
Roll core diameter: 76mm

Scope of application:
bottled or canned beverage
bottled water, beer
medicine, palletizing
building materials
dairy, machinery
tobacco, clothing
other industries
Summary: PE heat shrink film reduction is used for sales and transportation of various products. Its main function is stable, covered and protected products.
Shrink film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and a certain shrinkage stress. During the shrinkage process, the film does not create holes. Therefore shrink films are usually used outdoors, it is necessary to add UV anti-UV agents.
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