At present, PE heat shrink film technology has been developed. Heat shrink film packaging is used to make shrink labels. There are also complex soft plugs that can label containers that are not easy to print or have shape. New applications are developing.
PE heat shrink film mainly uses: this packaging material can be used not only for the food industry, but also for alcoholic beverage containers, sporting goods, paper, video tapes and handicrafts.
The advantages are as follows:
(1) High transparency, so that customers can directly see the packaging products for easy choice;
(2) Suitable for the form of goods and suitable for various forms of cargo and wide content;
(3) Prevent good protection of theft and dust;

(4) Various products can be packed in a lowering heat container to avoid losses of certain small products and facilitate consumer transportation;
(5) Using different resins and formulas can produce hot films with different strengths and mechanical functions. It can be used in indoor packaging with low strength and commercial weight, as well as mechanical products and building materials packaging of high -strength containers.
The impact of PE shrink film is becoming more and more beautiful and effective.
With the improvement of the quality of life and the diversification of packaging film, the demand for contraction film has increased.
These films are used for sales and transportation of various products.
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