As we all know, the shrink films are suitable for the package and transportation of many products. So why heat shrink films are so popular? What are the advantages of them? Next, I will introduce the features about them.
1, The heat shrink film has high puncture resistance and good shrinkage.
2, They can package exotic products. such as vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, toys, gadgets, small electronic products, etc.
3, Their transparency is high. So the label is bright and shiny.
4, The film is close to the product. And the package is compact. After packing, we can see the appearance of the product. It looks more beautiful.
5, The films can provide 360°of all-round decoration for the product. Product description can be printed on the label. So consumers can learn about the product’s performance without opening the package. It is more convenient.
6,The film has good wear resistance and high strength. So it can bear the weight of items very well.
Heat Shrink Film
7, The heat shrink package has good sealing. So it can extend the storage of food. At the same time, it is convenient for storage. It can also save warehouse area, due to it is easy to pile up in the open air.
8,Its package process and equipment are simple. Besides, it has a good heat seal. So you do not need adhesive to attach labels.
9,It is suitable for shrink wrap method on site to pack bulky products. Such as racing boats and cars. And it has good buffering and toughness. So it can prevent the products are damaged by vibration and impact during transportation. What’s more, no other package materials are needed. Therefore, the package cost is low.
10,The heat shrink film label can clearly show the outline of the package item.
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