1. The surface of the film is sticky, the adhesion between layers is good, and the packaging is impermeable to oxygen and water, forming an internal anaerobic environment and reducing deterioration.

2. The film has sufficient strength, including: tensile strength, tear resistance and puncture resistance, to ensure that the forage grass will not be damaged during the silage process, and to maintain an anaerobic environment.

3. The film is soft, resistant to low temperature, and will not be embrittled or cracked in cold environments.

4. The film is opaque to ensure low light transmittance and avoid heat accumulation.

5. The service life is long, and the packaged straw bales can be stored in the wild.

6. Stable in nature, resistant to sunlight (ultraviolet) damage (exposure to the outdoors for two years).

7. The reasonable ratio of low temperature trigger agent ensures that the fermentation bad bag is within 3/1000.

8. High load holding capacity (keep the package firm).