Damage of the stretch film is very common. Next, I will introduce the cause of the damage. Please check the below.

1: A variety of non-obvious film breaking factors before transverse stretching further expanded. As a result, the local area strain too large.
2: All kinds of volatiles gathered on the top of oven and air duct fall onto the film.
3: There are obvious transverse stripes and bubbles on the casting sheet.
4: The chain clamp is damaged in the production process.
5: The deviation of the crystal and orientation of the casting piece is too large.
6: The filter is damaged. And the impurity content of the cast sheet is high.
7: Improper setting of extrusion and longitudinal stretching temperature.
8: The raw materials contain impurities with different properties.
9: The head leaked. And the surface of the kun was crushed.

Factories should try to pay attention to the above problems during the production of stretch film. This reduces the risk of membrane breakage.

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