PVC shrink film is commonly used for making label and it was once the most commonly used shrink film.

PVC shrink film for label:

PVC is more tear-resistant than POF shrink film, but sensitive to temperature changes. Cold makes it brittle and heat makes it wrinkle. Therefore, it has high demand on packaging during transportation. Therefore, during long-transportation, we always use heat-insulating film to pack the goods.

It also releases harmful fumes during sealing and heating. As a result, using PVC shrink wrap requires ventilation and other precautions during application and disposal.


POF shrink film

POF shrink film is considered a premium replacement for PVC shrink film for label. It’s often used to bundle consumer products like toys, candies, foods, games, tissue boxes, and other irregular items in shape. This is because of its glossy high-clarity appearance, low cost, and versatility.

POF shrink film is more expensive than PVC, but more puncture-resistant and temperature-resistant. This makes it better for binding multiple items.

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