PVC Shrink Film is commonly used for bottle label. It is ideal for high-speed operations. The following is the detailed introduction about PVC shrink film.

*Cost Advantage- PVC shrink film for label is more affordable than POF shrink wrap.

*Protection- PVC shrink film for label, like any shrink wrap can offer protection from tampering and exterior elements. PVC shrink film is great for providing that extra tamper security.

*Shrinking & Sealing- PVC shrink film for label has superior shrinking and sealing properties. Our PVC shrink film has  up to a 40% shrink rate.

Centerfold PVC shrink film for label offers a secure seal and superior clarity at an affordable price.

As a manufacturer of PVC shrink film from 2010, we can provide different specifications according to clients’ request. If you have any demand,you can get back to me right now.