Heat shrink film is a special plastic film that shrinks when heated and sticks to the surface of the object. It is widely used in product packaging, food preservation, anti-counterfeit labeling and other fields.

PVC Shrink Film Structure Diagram

Principle of Heat Shrink Film

Heat shrink film, used for labels, packaging, or winding film use.it is made by preheating, stretching, cooling, and shaping specific polymers like PVC, PE, PS, or PET (as long as it does not go through the heat-setting process). This process creates the film’s shrinkable properties.

Types of Heat Shrink Film

According to the different raw materials, heat shrink film can be divided into the following types:
PVC Heat Shrink Film: Most common, good shrinkability, clear, affordable (ideal for general use).
PE heat shrink film: High strength, tough, good for cold temperatures (freezer-friendly).
PET heat shrink film: Excellent barrier, high heat resistance (perfect for hot food packaging).

Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film

How to use heat shrink film

Packaging Applications: Heat shrink films are widely used for packaging food, beverages, cosmetics and other consumer products. By applying heat shrink film around the product and applying heat to make it shrink, a tight package can be formed.
Protection: Heat shrink films can also be used to protect products from moisture, dust and contaminants, improving their shelf life and appearance.
Decorative effect: Because heat shrink film has the characteristics of transparency, printing and color, it can be used for product decoration and brand promotion to enhance the attractiveness and recognition of the product.

PVC shrink sleeve label film


Heat shrink film is a widely used packaging material with good shrinkage and sealing properties, which can effectively protect the products. When using heat shrink film, attention should be paid to choosing the right type and using the method to get the best result.

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