PE stretch film is a rare film. High-quality stretch film is very transparent, stretch rate is very good, and puncture performance is also very good. Many companies now use it to package and transport most products to prevent wear. Stretch film can be used for packaging of irregular objects and fragile items. It can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, transparent display, etc., but also can increase the appearance attractiveness of the product. It can replace various cartons. Now PE wrapping film Widely used in logistics packaging, transportation packaging, industrial packaging and other industries.

When using stretch film to package products, they should be wrapped from the bottom, one circle at a time. It should be noted that the packaging process must be tight, otherwise it will be scattered during transportation. Manual stretch stretch film and machine stretch stretch film cannot be mixed. The machine film is thicker than the manual film. Different thicknesses have different tensile forces. If a manual film is used on the winding machine, the stretched film will break. Therefore, the two films are not used together. When using stretch film packaging, pay attention to reducing wrinkles. Excessive wrinkles can severely affect the appearance of the package.

Physical properties of PE stretch film:

1. Tension retention: After the stretched film is stretched for a certain proportion, the ratio of the tensile force to the F-force value maintained in this state for a certain time is the tension retention.

2. Viscosity: The adhesiveness between the two films in the stretched or unstretched state.

3. Deformation: The ratio of the length of the stretched film to the original length after stretching a certain proportion.

4. Elastic recovery: The stretch film will remain in this state for a certain period of time after being stretched, and the ratio of the restored size to the original size after release.

5. puncture resistance: used to indicate the ability of the stretch film to resist needle puncture.

6. light transmittance, haze: stretch film needs to have good transparency in use.

PE Stretch Features:

1: Puncture resistance
Stretch film has strong winding force and retraction. And we can use stretch film to bind the product tightly and firmly into a unit. There is no looseness or separation of the product even under adverse conditions. Therefore, the stretch film should have good puncture performance and transverse tear strength. In order to ensure that the film in the high tensile ratio encountered sharp objects will not break.
PE Stretch Film
2: Softness
Stretch film material is very soft. And it is very transparent. The tensile strength is also very high. The main purpose of stretch film is to paste protective film on the articles. So that the covered articles will not scratch the surface in the process of transportation and processing. Beside, Its toughness is strong, and not easy to break. In the process of packaging items to give full play to this advantage, so that customers greatly reduce the cost of packaging.
3: Viscosity
The viscosity of stretch film has a great relationship with its retention time. Good viscosity refers to the viscosity of the packing film on the outside of the goods. And the viscosity determines the strength of the goods. At present, most of our country food and medical packaging consumer equipment pillow packaging machine is the backward product of low speed, high energy consumption. Stretch film package must be actively developed to upgrade to improve its quality and efficiency. Besides increasing speed, there is also a need to increase the efficiency of pillow packers. So that reduce losses to the greatest extent.
Besides the above properties, there are other advantages. Such as tensile strength, tear strength, transparency, good retraction ect…

PE Stretch Film Application:
It is used for outer packaging or collective packaging or pallet packaging of containers, chemicals, ceramics, glass, hardware machinery and equipment, stainless steel plates, papermaking, textiles, furniture, food and beverage, building materials for windows and doors, light industrial products, electronic products, etc. It has high tensile strength, tear resistance, good retraction memory and unique self-adhesion, which can make the object tightly wrapped into a whole, and prevent scattered and collapse during transportation. And can avoid the damage to the goods caused by bundling. It plays a role in preventing dust, moisture and theft from packing.