PE clig film is commonly used in our daily life.
Plastic wrap is a kind of plastic packaging product commonly used by people to keep fresh food.
It has moderate oxygen and moisture permeability. It can adjust the content of oxygen and moisture around the fresh-keeping products and prolong the fresh-keeping period of the food. At the same time, it blocks dust and prevents the odor of food in the refrigerator, freeze dehydration and dryness.
The regular thickness is 9mic,10mic and 11mic.Width 30cm,35cm,40cm and 45cm.

PE plastic wrap is very common in supermarkets. It is often used for packaging meat, cooked food, vegetables, etc. It can keep food fresh and avoid water loss due to evaporation.
The significant characteristics of PE plastic wrap are:
1. PE plastic wrap has a wide range of use, PE plastic wrap can contain fatty food
2. And PE plastic wrap can also be heated in the microwave oven at a temperature of no more than 110 degrees Celsius.
3. PE cling film cheaper than PVC cling film