The main use of BOPP Aluminized Film is: instead of pure aluminum foil composite, so that flexible packaging printing has an elegant silver-white luster, and improve the barrier of flexible packaging film bags, blackout, while reducing the cost of packaging printing (BOPP Aluminized Film meter 0.4 to 0.6 μm, only the use of pure aluminum foil amount of 1/150) 25% Around.

In the usual packaging and printing process, people in order to save the cost of ink, color ink often use a lower price of the plate gravure ink. Such as polyamide ink, acrylic ink, nitro ink, chlorine vinegar resin ink, etc. can almost be used as polyurethane adhesive composite printing ink printing, while white ink is used in printing ink, there are also all the use of printing ink’ or color ink with printing ink, and white ink printing ink. No matter what kind of ink printing used in printing, one thing must be clear, to prevent some ink and compound glue rebuke, must choose the ink compound glue has a certain degree of solubility.