1. OPP tape: based on polypropylene film, it has the advantages of high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, and a wide range of applications.

2. OPP label: Compared with paper labels, it has the advantages of transparency, high strength, moisture resistance, and not easy to fall off. Although the cost has increased, it can get a good label display and use effect. With the development of domestic printing technology and coating technology, the production of self-adhesive film labels and printed film labels is no longer a problem. It is foreseeable that the use of OPP labels in China will continue to increase.

Since the label itself is made of PP, it can be well combined with the surface of the PP/PE container. Practice has proved that OPP film is the best material for in-mold labels. It has been widely used in the European food and daily chemical fields, and gradually spread to In China, more and more users have begun to pay attention to or adopt the in-mold labeling process.