As the name suggests, machine stretch film or machine stretch wrap is designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine. Machine stretch film is the ideal solution for large to medium scale operations intending to wrap products efficiently and quickly.

China Manufactures machine length stretch films designed to provide savings in productivity and material usage. We produce machine stretch films in a wide variety of gauges, widths and lengths. These products are available in 1 and 2 sided cling, designed for a variety of applications featuring excellent puncture with high clarity and quiet unwind. Or customize the size according to your requirements.

According to the customer’s wishes, machine stretch films can be made adhesive either inside or outside as well as smooth/extremely smooth inside or outside. Films can also be specially equipped with UV protection or anti-static finishes. Machine stretch films in accordance with standards for food are also available.

In cooperation with its customers, We develops ideal packaging processes for their customers’ needs. Following an analysis of the packaging scenario and on-site consultation, We offers recommendations upon request on the film type and strength best suited to the specific application.

By utilising specially developed formulas, We is able to produce stretch films with either standard or improved retention force with reduced film consumption as opposed to comparable products thereby lowering costs per pallet for their customers.

In comparison to hand film, machine stretch film offers a number of benefits, including:
● More efficient and faster product packaging
● Reduced cost of packaging materials
● Safer application
● More secure, safer loads

Machine Stretch Film