Types of plastic wrap
About the plastic wrap, there are two types. One is PE plastic wrap, and the other one is PVC plastic wrap.
The color of the PE plastic wrap is white, covered food looks blurred; The gloss of PVC material is good, and it looks clear. Because of the plasticizer, the color looks a little light yellow.
PE material is soft, but poor toughness. PVC material is strong toughness, and easy to stick to the hand. So, the tensile and viscosity of PVC plastic wrap are stronger than PE.
They are also different in density, the density of PE plastic wrap is smaller than the water, so it will float up after immersed in water; PVC plastic wrap is denser than water and will sink after immersed in water.
When PVC plastic wrap is in fire, the flame is black with smoke. At the same time, it gives off a bad smell. But it doesn’t drip oil. The flame will die out away from the fire. While when PE plastic wrap is in fire, the flame is yellow with dripping oil. However, it has no taste or smell. After leaving the fire, it can still burn.
Size of the plastic wrap
Thickness: The thickness of the plastic wrap is 9-17 microns. General 14 micron above thickness is used by the machine.
Width: The general width range is 30cm-50cm.
Roll length: PVC up to 2000m, while PE is within 5000m.
The tube diameter: 38mm, 50mm, 76mm.

1: carton package
2: Pallet package
3: color box with cutter package
4: Heat shrink film package
Size deviation
Tensile test
Stickiness test
Haze test
The plastic wrap is mainly for food package. Such as keep food properly in fridge. People often use it in their daily life.
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