pearlized film is made of polypropylene resin as raw material, adding calcium carbonate and pearlescent pigment, etc., and then biaxially stretched after mixing. Due to the mechanical foaming method, the specific gravity of pearlized film is only about 0.7, while the specific gravity of PP is about 0.9, so flexible packaging companies are willing to use it because of its low cost, good decoration and excellent performance.

Pearlized BOPP Film features

Pearlized film has silver-white pearlescent color, which can reflect more light. And it has excellent gas barrier properties, water barrier properties and light barrier properties (especially for UV light barrier). It has an excellent protective effect on products that need to be protected from light.

Performances of pearlized BOPP film

Product thickness: 22-40 microns (UM)
Product width: 325-1350MM
Product length: 4000, 6000, 7000M

BOPP pearlized film Application

The general composite structure of BOPP pearlized film/CPP, BOPP pearlized film/PE, etc., Widely used in other substrates covering art printing, general packaging purposes, Popsicle, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drink packaging.
Candy, soap and other items packaging or used for soy milk, mineral water and other surround-label stickers.
Suitable for all kinds of advanced food packaging, can also be used for toys, flowers and other packaging, can be directly made into all kinds of hot sealing bags. It can also replace paper for decoration.