BOPP cigarette film is generally divided into ordinary type and heat shrinkable cigarette film.

Ordinary cigarette films generally have small heat shrinkage properties, and the heat shrinkage rate is generally controlled at (2%-5%), which is generally used for small soft packs and bars of cigarettes. Due to the high thermal shrinkage rate of BOPP heat shrinkable cigarette film, the thermal shrinkage rate is generally greater than 7%. After packaging, the cigarette pack can be packed more compactly and more uniformly, and at the same time, the cigarette pack can be kept tight for a long time without loosening.

The main feature

It has excellent skin packaging effect; it overcomes the problem of relaxation and wrinkling of ordinary cigarette film on rigid box packaging film. Due to the special processing technology, heat shrinkable cigarette film has low temperature heat shrinkage, high transparency and gloss. And has better high-speed packaging.

When the stiffness of the cigarette film is high, high folding quality can be obtained in the packaging and forming process, and a good heat sealing effect can be achieved in a short pause time, which is a prerequisite for improving the packaging speed and is suitable for automatic variable speed high-speed packaging machines.