Today, the foods, fruits, or leftovers are put in the refrigerator, they will be wrapped in plastic wrap first.
In fact, how to use plastic wrap correctly? For example, whether to wrap food while it’s cold or hot? how many layers to coat for best preservation?

The use of plastic wrap, there are five points.

1: cold and hot
In fact, there are cold plastic wrap and hot plastic wrap. General cold plastic wrap is suitable for refrigerator. But hot is suitable for microwave oven. And hot wrap is better for heat resistance and non-toxicity. It is suitable for refrigerator, and microwave oven as well. So you can buy hot plastic wrap, one film for two purposes.

2: Simple puncture hole
 In daily life, the plastic wrap sometimes expands. Because the food or the vessel itself carries some moisture. Under the change of external conditions to evaporate the water, the plastic wrap to support up. Therefore, use a toothpick to tie a few holes in the plastic wrap before use. This allows the water to evaporate. So as to prevent the plastic film damage due to gas expansion.
  3: More layers is not always better
When using plastic wrap, we should also pay attention to let the carbon dioxide inside volatilize out. So too thick is not good.
  4: Isolate oily foods
When heating oily foods, it is not suitable for plastic wrap in direct contact with it. Because the temperature of the oil is generally high. Contact with plastic wrap will easily make it break, and then stick to the food.
  5: It’s better to let the food cool before covering it
Cover your meals while they’re still warm, it may speed up the loss of vitamin C in your foods. It is not recommended to store foods with plastic wrap for more than 6 hours. It will avoid food spoilage.

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