POF heat shrink film is a more environmentally friendly packaging film. It is the abbreviation of biaxially oriented polyolefin shrink film. It is characterized by high transparency, high shrinkage, high toughness, high heat resistance, anti-static, cold resistance, safety and reliability. It is a plastic film product widely used in the heat shrink packaging industry. So how to slit pof heat shrink film?

Pof heat shrink film is used in every aspect of life. Nowadays, most of the film is processed by thermoplastic machines, and the width of the film processed by thermoplastic machines is generally wider. In practice, the film is rolled into rolls of different widths, which requires the film processed by the thermoplastic machine to be slit and cut into different widths.

Pof heat shrink film production process

Mainly through the process of temperature field, and force field control to adjust the product optical and heat sealing performance indicators.POF production for low temperature cold drawing bi-directional stretching process, the process requires low temperature stretching, so the equipment should not be too large. Equipment range is too large, poor bubble stability, temperature control is higher, slower stretching speed, the product quality will be greatly reduced. The use of small equipment, increase the extrusion output, improve the back section of the traction pull God speed, bubble stability, low temperature control, fast stretching speed, product quality can be doubled, the use of such equipment for production, equipment selection is appropriate, process control is good, the output is not lower than the large-scale equipment, and product quality performance is good.

POF heat shrink film-

Slitting method

Slitting POF heat shrinkable film is to use the slitting machine, slitting machine is mainly a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into different widths of small rolls of equipment.
POF heat shrinkable film slitting methods are mainly two:
Longitudinal cutting: POF heat shrink film along the longitudinal cut into different widths.
Horizontal cutting: cutting POF heat shrinkable film into different lengths along the horizontal direction.
Longitudinal cutting
POF film is usually cut in the following two ways:
Round knife slitting: use round knife to cut POF heat shrinkable film into different widths in the longitudinal direction. The round knife slitting machine is fast and efficient, but the thickness of the film has certain requirements.
Die-cutting slitting: use the mold to cut POF heat shrinkable film into different shapes longitudinally. Die cutting and slitting machine has high precision and can cut various shapes, but the cost is higher.
POF film is usually cross-cut in the following two ways:
Hot cutting: Use a heated blade to melt and cut the POF heat shrinkable film. Hot cutting is fast and efficient, but the cut edges may be uneven.
Cold cutting: use a sharp blade to cut the POF heat shrink film. The cold cutting edge is flat, but slower.

AntiFog POF Heat Shrink Film Structure Diagram


The slitting of POF heat-shrinkable film is a highly technical process link that requires comprehensive consideration of material properties, equipment selection, parameter settings and other factors. Through reasonable skills and precautions, you can improve the slitting efficiency, reduce production costs, ensure product quality, and provide strong support for the development of enterprises.