POF is a kind of heat shrinkable film, mainly used for packaging regular and irregular shape products, because POF heat shrinkable film has Environmental protection, high gloss, toughness, tear resistance, high transparency, high shrinkage, good heat sealing performance, so it is the traditional PVC heat shrinkable film replacement products. That the face of so many products on the market, how do we recognize POF heat shrink film?

5 ways to recognize POF heat shrink film

POF heat shrinkable film can be made into single film, folded film, tube film, flat bag, curved bag. The original color is transparent and can be printed with many colors.
The identification method of POF heat shrinkable film:
1、Good transparency and high gloss, can clearly show the appearance of the product, improve the effect of exhibition and marketing, reflecting the higher grade of goods. Good barrier properties, excellent moisture and dust resistance.
2, good flexibility and tensile, strong wrapping ability. High puncture strength. Strong shrinkage memory function, good retraction fastening.
3, the overall stability of the wrapped object is good, reducing the transportation process of breakage, collapse, scattered packages and other phenomena.
4, POF heat shrink film quality is mainly reflected in the toughness, with the eyes generally can not see how the quality of shrink film, looking at the same, either the color is not together.
5, POF heat shrink film packaging, write the date, to be 3 – 4 days later, with a pen to poke a hole, if the poke place is just a hole, then the quality of this shrink film is good, toughness is very good. Poor PVC heat shrink film poke up is going to burst open a very long crack, poor toughness, can not play a protective role.

POF Heat Shrink Film Features


The above is how to recognize the POF heat shrink film method, at present POF heat shrink film has been widely used in automotive supplies, plastic products, food, cosmetics, canned beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, stationery, books, electronics and so on. Circuit boards, MP3, VCD, handicrafts, photo frames and other wood products, toys, pesticides, daily necessities and cassettes and other products. Make its appearance more distinctive and beautiful, improve the product packaging grade, the products play a protective role in dustproofing, scratch and so on.