In our daily life, fresh fruit, vegetable meat, and fish can’t be eaten. Many people are used to using plastic wrap to prevent skewers from “keep fresh”.
However, what are the differences in the plastic wrap that “look like” in the market? How to use plastic wrap to keep fresh? Is it true that the Internet claims that plastic wrap breeds bacteria?
Optional: different materials, different functions.

PE Cling Film

It can not only isolate the food from the dust in the air, especially the microorganism that “covets food” to a greater extent, but also maintain moderate oxygen permeability and moisture permeability. So as to prolong the freshness period of food.
Plastic wrap based on the material, there are PE plastic wrap, PVC plastic wrap, PVDC plastic wrap three types.
PE plastic wrap is the kind of plastic wrap most supermarkets sell. Good waterproof and breathable, especially suitable for packing fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen food, etc.
Because it breathes well, it is not suitable for packaging foods that are high in fat and easily spoiled by oxygen. Such as pastry, cooked food and so on. PE can be used for refrigerator preservation, but not for microwave heating.
PVC plastic wrap is common in the wholesale market, farmers’ market and online. The advantages are good transparency, high viscosity, and good elasticity. The disadvantage is that the heat stability is poor, and at high temperature, a plasticizer that is not friendly to human health will be released. Therefore, you cannot pack meat, cooked food, fat foods, etc. In particular, it cannot be used under high temperature conditions.
PVDC plastic wrap is mainly used for the packaging of meat, cooked food, ham and other food. It is strong and easy to stick and can prevent water evaporation. The most important thing is because its use temperature range is between 60-140℃. Therefore, it can be used in the refrigerator to keep fresh and can be used for microwave heating. However, the cost of plastic film is high. And the processing is difficult. So the market share is not high.
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