With the development of logistics industry, Stretch Film has also been widely used, in life everywhere can see stretch film, then how to choose a good quality Stretch Film?

1, Stretch Film Appearance:
Good quality stretch winding film appearance soft, natural, good transparency, in the stretch film 20 cm below a newspaper, you can clearly see the above words, does not affect reading.

2, Stretch Film stretch performance:
Stretching is the ability of the winding film to produce elastic elongation when it is pulled, a feature of itself. If good quality is extended after stretching length, and within a certain limit (300%-700%), it will not be pulled through.

3, Stretch Film self-adhesive:
Since-adhesive refers to the adhesion after contact between stretching winding films, a feature that allows the package to tighten without looseness during stretching winding and after the package.

4, Stretch Film toughness (puncture resistance):
Toughness refers to the comprehensive energy of stretching winding membrane anti-puncture and tear-resistant. The risk level of anti-tearity must be horizontal, i.e. perpendicular to the direction of operation of the machine, because tearing in this direction will loosen the package, and even if tearing occurs vertically, the packaging remains firm, so the better the toughness of the stretch film means better quality.

high-quality stretch film