Stretch film is different from general wound film. It has high requirements for tensile properties and puncture resistance. Therefore, pay attention to the selection. So how to distinguish the quality of stretch wound film?

Stretch film has the characteristics of high transparency, high longitudinal elongation, high transverse tear strength, and good puncture performance. Widely used in the packaging of hardware, chemical, food and other products.

Stretch film is the deformation stress produced by wrapping the goods tightly for easy transportation, using mechanical stretching devices or manual stretching of the film, which is a very common packaging form internationally. Stretch stretch film adopts imported resin and advanced film extrusion production technology. It has good tensile properties, tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, good self-adhesion and high shrinkage rate. The packaging is tight and will not loosen. And other characteristics, can be widely used in chemical raw materials, fertilizers, food, mechanical and electrical products, light textile products and other single-piece or tray packaging and other bundled packaging, stretch stretch film sealed well, low temperature and high shrinkage, with high transparency and good Gloss, shrinks quickly at low temperatures, suitable for small packages, and is used in the food sector (special types of food.

Detecting the quality of stretched wrapping film

:Stretched wrapping film often encounters problems with poor stretchability when used, which can easily lead to unsuitability of its packaging, which greatly reduces the main effect on wrapping Therefore, consumers should pay attention when purchasing stretch film. To test the stretchability of the film, first tear it from the length of the stretch film, then tear it from the horizontal direction, and stretch it. The impact is strong when it is good, and it is easy to tear if the toughness is not good. If it is too thin, the toughness will be greatly reduced, and the stretchability will not be good.

How to check the quality of stretch film?