In the huge flexible packaging market, packaging film is the largest demand and play a connecting role. The choice of packaging materials not only affects the cost of packaging, but also affects the market competitiveness of the goods. For industrial products, the common packaging film on the market is winding film and heat shrink film as well as the emerging cold shrink film in recent years. In order to let you better understand the packaging market, today we will introduce how the heat shrink film developed!

The appearance of heat shrink film can be traced back to Germany during World War II. At that time, it relied on its good transparency, cleaning, anti-theft and convenient use. Subsequently, it became popular all over the world and continues to this day. As the name implies, the heat shrink film is the contraction force produced after being heated, so as to wrap the goods and form transparent packaging, so as to protect the packaged objects.

Heat Shrink Wrap Film biggest advantage

good transparency can let customers see the packaging goods directly, convenient for customers to choose; Close to the shape of the goods, can be applied to various shapes of goods packaging, packaging is extensive; A variety of goods can be packaged in a heat shrink packaging bag, to prevent the loss of individual small goods, combined with the above advantages, heat shrink film can be extended until now, and active in the major packaging market!

Heat Shrink Wrap Film Application

Heat shrink film usually will be widely used in wine, cans, mineral water, all kinds of beverages, cloth products, such as the whole set of packaging, can meet the commodity moistureproof and dustproof, touch the sameness, transparent display, and other functions, and can increase the product appearance attraction, can also be used to replace all kinds of carton, the packaging cost saving.

Our company film series products include heat shrink film, its main material is PE, with good cluster function, with environmental protection, safety, health, convenience and other advantages. In the beverage packaging, food packaging has been a rapid growth. Now more and more customers choose PE shrink film for printing (customer LOGO or pattern), to achieve the effect of promoting products and attracting consumers. PE heat shrink film has good packaging integrity and shelf attraction, excellent toughness, stiffness, high gripping force and puncture resistance, excellent low temperature shrinkage and sealing at the bottom and so on.