PVC cling film is commonly used for wrapping food since it is quite transparent and sticky.
The following is the common information of PVC cling film.
Common specifications:
Thickness: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 microns
Width: 300, 450, 500, 800MM
Length: 300, 500, 800, 1500M
Paper core in roll: 1″, 1.8″, 2″, 3″

Characteristics of PVC cling film
1. easy to be pulled out and cut;
2. Easy to bond with glass ceramics and stainless steel noodle utensils (but not the plastic wrap itself);
3. Close to transparent and no wrinkles, uneven thickness, etc.;
4. Can withstand the pressure of general pulling. the
1. Cover food utensils to protect them from germs. plastic wrap
2. Wrap food for easy storage (example: sandwiches). the
3. Refrigerate soup bowls covered with plastic wrap to trap oil in the soup.
When you selecting PVC cling film suppliers, you should be very cautious. This is because some manufacturers may use unqualified additives. In China, PVC cling film manufacturers are only allowed to use DOA (Di-n-octyl adipate) and epoxy soybean oil. If some manufacturers use industrial additives, they will be very harmful to health and long-term use can cause a lot of adverse effects on body.
Our PVC cling film is inspected by the third party and has product food grade certificate. If you are interested in, please send us your inquiry.