Heat shrink film is used in the sale and transportation of various products. Its main role is to stabilize, cover and protect products. The contractile film must have high penetration resistance, good contractility and certain contractile stress. During shrinkage, the film cannot create holes. Since the shrink film is often used outdoors, UV anti-UV agents need to be added.

PE shrinkable film is widely used in the whole package of wine, can, mineral water, various beverages, cloth and other products. The product has good flexibility, impact resistance, tear resistance, not easy to damage, not afraid of tide, large shrinkage rate.

Heat Shrink Film

PVC shrink film is often used for labels of beverage bottles. You can print beautiful designs.

POF ordinary film is widely used in the packaging of food, daily necessities, stationery, electronic products, hardware tools and other products;
POF high performance film is suitable for low temperature packaging or low shrinkage requirements of products, such as chocolate, cake, software disc, etc.

At present, PE shrink film is mainly used for the packaging of heavy items. POF shrink film is mainly used for display packaging and collection packaging of light and small products. The competitive relationship between the two is not obvious.