Metallized BOPP Film not only has the features of plastic films, but also metal. It is a cheap, beautiful and high-quality product. Metallized BOPP film has the following features.

1. The aluminum layer has excellent insulation performance, so it has a good blocking effect on vapor, water vapor, odor, etc. It can prolong the shelf life of packed products. Also it can replace the aluminum foil bag in some cases so as to reduce the cost of raw materials.

2. It has an excellent metal texture. The light transmittance can reach 97%, block light, prevent ultraviolet radiation so as to maintain the freshness of the outer packaging.

3. Metallized BOPP film has good electrical conductivity. It can remove static electricity. Especially for powder products, it is not easy to seal a part of the environment. sealing performance.

4. The corona discharge has a long-term appreciation, and the surface supporting force is maintained for a long time. It has a good adaptability to the post-production and processing processes such as packaging and printing, composite, and multi-functional coatings.