Metallized PET film is one of the most commonly used metallized films in China. It has the following features to make it popular.

There are many types of metallized films. The most widely used aluminized films are metallized PET film and CPP metallized film (VMCPP).

Features of PET metallized film

(1) Metallized PET film has excellent metallic luster and good reflectivity, giving people a luxurious feeling.
(2) Metallized PET film has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture barrier properties, light shading properties and fragrance retention properties. It not only has strong barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor, but also can block almost all ultraviolet rays, visible light and infrared rays. Therefore, it can help prolong the storage life and shelf life of the goods. Therefore, for food, medicine and other products that need to extend the storage life, it is a very good choice to use metallized PET film film as packaging.
(3) In addition, metallized PET film also has fragrance retention. The fragrance transmission rate of the film is small, which can keep the fragrance of the contents for a long time. Therefore, aluminized film is an excellent barrier packaging material.
(4) Metallized PET film can also replace aluminum foil to a certain extent, but the amount of aluminum used is greatly reduced. Therefore, it can save the cost for packaging greatly.
(5) The aluminium layer on the surface of the aluminized film has good conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effects. Therefore, the sealing performance is good, especially when packaging powdery items, it can ensure the tightness of the package, thereby greatly reducing leakage occurrence rate of the situation.

Application of PET metallized film

Suitable for high-end gift outer packaging;
According to specific requirements, it can be laminated with high heat-sealing PE/CPP film.