PE stretch film,It adopts the proportion formula of imported linear polyethylene LLDPE resin and special additives for tackifiers.And can produce multi-functional winding films such as hand, resistance machine, pre-stretched machine, anti-ultraviolet, antistatic and anti-rust.
It has the following advantages:

1.Using double-layer co-extrusion equipment, the pressed winding film can maximize the characteristics of all each polymer, and its transparency, tensile strength, perforation resistance and optimal state when reaching the melting point.
2. It has good tensile properties, good transparency and uniform thickness.
3.Longitudinal elongation, good resilience, good transverse tear resistance, excellent self-adhesive lap.
4. It is an environmentally friendly recyclable material, tasteless, non-toxic, and can directly package food.
5. It can manufacture single-sided viscous products, reduce the noise emitted during winding and stretching, and reduce dust and sand particles during transportation and storage.

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