1. PE cling film: the most common cling film on the market. It can be used to encapsulate vegetables, fruits, and leftovers in daily life. The only problem is that it is not resistant to high temperature, it is best not to enter the microwave oven.
2. PVC cling film: Most of them are used in farmers’ markets and vegetable farms to wrap vegetables and agricultural products.
3. PVDC cling film: It can withstand high temperatures of 140-180°C, and the cling film marked “microwave heating” is them, but do not put it in a high-temperature oven.
Because of the high temperature resistance of PVDC cling film, this kind of plastic wrap can be used for steaming.
In terms of heat resistance, the maximum heat-resistant temperature of PE cling film is 110°C, that of PVC is 130°C, and that of PVDC is 180°C.

The ideal cling film should meet the following conditions:
1. Easy to be pulled out and cut.
2. It is easy to bond with glass ceramics and stainless steel noodle utensils (but not the plastic wrap itself).
3. It is close to transparent and has no wrinkles and uneven thickness.
4. Can withstand the pressure of general pulling.