First, let’s briefly introduce the type of stretch film.
There are manual stretch film and machine stretch film.
About the thickness:
Manual stretch film is 12 mic, 15 mic, 17 mic and 20 mic.
Machine stretch film is above 23 mic.

The thicker of the stretch film, it will be more difficult to apply. Especially hand stretch film. This will instead reduce the working efficiency.
In addition, the thicker stretch film has lower viscosity. The viscosity of stretch film is determined by its own characteristics. In production, it is formed by adding plasticizers.
Thick stretch film has different requirements on the specific production process. The production formula also needs to be changed. Therefore, this will reduce the self-adhesiveness of the stretch film. At the same time, it also reduces its overall quality.
Of course, by increasing the thickness of the stretch film, the performance of the stretch film machinery is reduced. But it will significantly enhance the safety factor of the initial protective layer of the stretch film. The thick package fully guarantees the safety of the product.
About the thickness of the stretch film, the wider the width of the machine equipment, the harder it is for the stretch film produced to reach the thickest actual thickness. Because it is a cast film. In the casting process, it will become thinner and thinner.
While, some stand-alone stretch film machine equipment is relatively easier in terms of thickness control.
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