It is not easy to tell the differences of BOPP film and CPP film just from appearance. So how to tell their differences?

1. Tear the film by hand . It is easy to tear CPP film by hand, but no easy to tear BOPP film.
2. CPP film itself has heat-seal capacity. However, BOPP film needs particular treatment before being used for heat-sealing.
3. Feel the film. If you rub CPP film by hand, no sound is heard since it is flexible. However, if you rub BOPP film, you can hear sound since it is relatively hard in texture.
4. Different production technique. BOPP film is produced by stretching polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse direction. CPP film is produced by casting.
If you have no idea which kind of film to choose CPP film or BOPP film, you can drop us your inquiry.