Compared with the carton and the winding film, the new products of the cold shrinkable film in home appliance industry packaging can tightly wrap the product, and it is more safe and reliable, and some packaging pain points can also be solved. So what are the differences between ordinary cold shrinkable film and high elastic cold shrinkable film?

High elastic cold shrinkable film, as the name implies, to achieve high elastic, first of all, there are different formulas in the production, and the price is several dollars compared with ordinary cold shrinkable film, but these several dollars in the actual use of pull back.

In terms of the diversity of packaging product specifications, ordinary cold shrinkable film is only applicable to the same specifications of products;

High elastic cold shrinkable film with high elastic characteristics, has excellent tensile force, can be suitable for the packaging of many specifications and sizes of products.

In terms of the amount of film, ordinary people know the truth of fuel saving. In this respect, the high elastic cold shrinkable film is packaged in a 5-7 kg washing machine. By reducing the size and thickness of the film, the unit packaging amount is greatly reduced, and the amount of film is about 130 grams. And ordinary cold shrinkable film to 240 grams, more than half of the usage.

Sharp edges and corners, due to the different formula, the puncture resistance of high elastic cold shrinkable film is greatly improved, resilience and gripping force is better, so the transportation process can better protect the product from damage, scratch, from the performance upgrade and cost, most of the power plants prefer to use high elastic cold shrinkable film.