Retort film is a common food packaging material widely used in the food industry. Withstands cooking and sterilization (120-135°C). Available in semi-retort film and hi retort film options (e.g. PET/AI/PA/RCPP, PET/AI/RPP, PA/RCPP). Next, let us introduce the definition, application, characteristics and purchase guide of high temperature resistant retort film in detail to help you better understand and choose this functional packaging material.

Definition of high temperature retort film

High-temperature resistant retort film, as implied, withstands high-temperature cooking. Typically composed of:
PET (polyester): Boasting excellent heat resistance, barrier properties, and mechanical strength, PET forms the main component of high-temperature retort film.
CPP (Co-polypropylene): Offers transparency, heat sealing, and weather resistance, often used in the outer layer to enhance strength and appearance.

Hi Retort Film

Notable features include

High Temperature Resistance: Endures temperatures above 121℃ for food sterilization.
Excellent Barrier: Blocks oxygen, water vapor, and gases, preserving food freshness.
Strong Heat Sealing: Ensures tight sealing for food preservation.
High Transparency: It is convenient for consumers to check the appearance of food, which enhances the visual appeal of the product.
Easy Printing: Allows customization with patterns and text for brand promotion.


Food Packaging: High-temperature-resistant retort film is widely used in food packaging, especially suitable for foods that require high-temperature cooking or sterilization, such as canned food, frozen food, instant noodles, etc. It can effectively isolate air and moisture. It can effectively isolate air and moisture, extend the freshness period of food, while maintaining the taste and nutrition of food.
Industrial applications: In addition to food packaging, high-temperature-resistant retort film is also used in a number of industrial applications, such as chemical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and so on. Its high temperature resistance allows it to be used in a variety of complex process conditions to ensure product quality and safety.

Semi Retort Film

Purchase of high-temperature retort film precautions

Choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers.
Pay attention to the thickness and heat resistance of the film to ensure that it can meet the temperature requirements of food steaming.
Choose the right size of membrane to avoid waste.
Pay attention to check the integrity of the membrane and replace it immediately if it is broken or leaking.


As a functional food packaging material, heat-resistant retort film has important applications and significance. By understanding its uses, characteristics and selection guidelines, you can better select and use this packaging material for food safety and quality.

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