Stretch wrap film is an indispensable package material in daily work. It has reached a wide range of applications.
When using stretch wrap film, there is a sequence, not messy.
First, start winding from the bottom. Then, when you wrap around the top, you wrap it up little by little. You need to wrap the entire top. Finally, take scissors and cut the strapping tape.
When using stretch wrap film for pallet mechanical package, roller pre-stretching is possible. And electric stretching is also possible. Roll pre-stretching means that two rollers can be joined together by a gear unit. The pull is then generated by the turntable. This stretching method has a low tensile magnification. Because if the tensile magnification exceeds a certain limit, it will exceed the original yield point of the film. Then the film breaks easily.

stretch wrap film package must be stretched. The stretching films of pallet mechanical package is available in direct stretching and pre-stretching.
There are two types of pre-stretching and the other is electric stretching. Electric stretching is independent of the rotation of the pallet.
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