pvc shrink film is a good film packaging material, it has the following advantages:
(1) Good transparency, so that customers can directly see the packaged goods, convenient for customers to select goods;
(2) close to the appearance of the commodity, can be applied to the packaging of various shapes of commodities, packaging content is wide;
(3) Excellent anti-theft and dustproof;
(4) A variety of goods can be packed in a heat-shrinkable bag, to prevent the loss of individual small goods, but also convenient for customers to carry

POF five – layer co-extruded heat shrinkable film is a new generation product which is gradually emerging and accepted by people in recent years.
(1) POF thin and tough, uniform thickness, good moisture resistance, soft texture.
(2) POF excellent cold resistance,-50℃ is not hard, not brittle, not easy to crack, can be used for frozen food packaging
(3) POF processing process does not produce water will not stick to the sealing rod, maintenance and operation is easy
(4) After POF shrink packaging, the corners of the seal are soft, will not cut hands, but also resistant to rubbing
(5) POF is non-toxic and does not produce toxic odor during processing