PVC cling film is commonly used for wrapping fruits and vegetables since it can keep the food fresh longer. However, can PVC cling film cause cancer?

Some professionals say if you buy PVC cling film from qualified suppliers and the product fits the food grade standard well, it will not cause side effects on body at all.
However, when you use PVC cling film, you should be very cautious.

Firstly, avoid using with oily and alcoholic foods. Although PVC cling film is safe to use under normal circumstances, it cannot be used for oily and alcoholic foods. This is because plasticizers can dissolve in fat and alcohol, and there will be certain risks.

Secondly, avoid high temperature heating.Regardless of whether it is a food preservation plastic box or cling film, it is not suggested to heat it at high temperature with the food unless the cling film is specially marked “can be used in microwave ovens” or the tolerable temperature is marked.

To reduce the cost, some manufacturers may choose unqualified additives during producing PVC cling film. This will increase the health risk very greatly. Therefore, when choosing suppliers, you should pay more attention that if all of their raw material is food-grade.

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