Cling film is a kind of plastic package products. It is good for keeping food fresh. So many families are often use them.
Cling film can regulate the amount of oxygen and moisture around the food. It also keeps out dust. Thus, it can extend the freshness of food.
It prevents all kinds of dishes from getting mixed. And keep the dishes fresh. It also prevents water loss and prolongs storage time.
We can’t reuse cling film. One of the most important reasons is unsanitary. Repeated use of cling film not only will cause food cross infection, but also the growth of bacteria, so do not use repeatedly.
Experts caution: Pressure cookers and other kitchen appliances should also not be used to heat food wrapped in cling film.

The difference between industrial cling film and food grade cling film
1: Thickness:  
industrial cling film: 2 silk-2.5 silk
food grade cling film: 1 silk
2: Tube core: The general cling film is 3-inch large tube core.
Food grade cling film is a small tube core. (because it is more convenient to tear with hand)
3: Environmental protection: stretch film is industrial grade. So it can indirectly contact food.
But plastic wrap is food grade. It can directly contact with food.
4: Application: stretch film is suitable for large packaging. Plastic wrap mostly packs small pieces. Therefore, the quantitative stretching film is larger. And more than two workers operate together.
5. Cost: The cost of stretch film is lower than that of plastic wrap.
Therefore, it is suitable for the mass use of industrial packaging.
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