BOPP metalized film is the most frequent product in BOPP products. In the current industry, there are three main application solutions for BOPP metalized film. The application scheme of BOPP metalized film tape, BOPP heat sealing metalized film application scheme, and BOPP metalized labeling film application solution.
1: BOPP metalized adhesive film application solution
This metalized tape film, as the name implies, is coated with a thin layer of aluminum on the tape film. So that the tape film has the characteristics of plastic film and metal luster, but also good electrical conductivity, moisture resistance and light shading. Mainly beautify the plastic tape film process, so that the plastic tape film products to achieve the metallic effect. And the product is more beautiful and atmospheric.

2: BOPP heat sealing metalized film application scheme
This hot -sealing metalized film is mainly used in the appearance packaging of drugs, food, and chemical products. Compared with other BOPP hot -seal film, this hot -sealing metalized film has a special metal luster, making the product more professional and beautiful. Foods and health products for gift packaging are the best choices.
3: BOPP metalized labeling film application solution
The requirements of the product label are getting higher and higher. In addition to the traditional bonding, durability and appearance, but also to the security and anti-counterfeiting and printing put forward new requirements. This kind of metalized labeling film not only realizes the traditional requirements for labels, but also achieves the safety and anti-counterfeiting and printing quality required by the current labels. Mainly used for related products with clear anti-counterfeiting requirements on the product label, such as cosmetics, books, chemicals, etc.
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