BOPP heat sealing film is the only metal category in soft packaging materials. The packaging has a long application time. Water resistance, gas resistance, shading, flavor protection of heat sealing film is any other packaging materials can not compare. It is a packaging material that has not yet been replaced. The heat -sealing membrane is purified by 99.0%to 99.97%. After multiple pressures, it is rich in resources and the performance price ratio is quite advantageous.
Characteristics of BOPP heat sealing film:

1) Heat sealing film has a shiny metallic luster, bag decoration is strong.
2) Heat sealing film is non -toxic, tasteless, and has no smell, suitable for various foods and medicines.
3) The relative weight is light, and the proportion is only one -third of the iron and copper.
4) Good shielding, and the reflective rate can reach 95%. It is often used for reflective materials.
5) Strong protection, so that the packaging material is not vulnerable to the violation of bacteria, fungi and insects.
6) High temperature and low temperature state are stable. And the temperature does not shrink and deform when the temperature is -73 ~ 371℃.
7) Obstruction is excellent, moisture -proof, non -breathable, and incense. So it can prevent the moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile of the content of the contents of the packaging content.

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