BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-mist film is flexible packaging material. It is colourless, tasteless and green. Widely used in candy, tea, milk, textiles and other packaging. BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-fog film has many advantages.
1: Strong tensile degree, good toughness
2: Super quality and competitive price
3: Environmental protection
4: High transparency

What is the use notice of BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-mist film? Let’s find out.
1. When heating oily food, keep the plastic wrap and food isolated. Because when you heat food, the oil can reach very high temperatures. This can cause the plastic wrap to break and stick to the food.
2. Cover containers with plastic wrap when heating food. Then use a toothpick and other needle-like object to punch holes in the plastic film. It evaporates the water and prevents the gas from expanding.
3. When the temperature in the microwave oven is higher, it will generally reach about 110℃. When you need to heat for a long time, you can choose the plastic wrap with high heat resistance.
What is the use scope of BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-mist film?
Cooked food, hot food, greasy food, especially meat, try not to use plastic wrap preservation. These foods are not healthy when they come into contact with plastic wrap. Because the chemicals contained in the raw materials are volatile and dissolve into the food. Therefore, the choice must be careful.
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