BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-fog film is widely used. Including packaging, labeling and laminating. BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-fog film is the global development of food safety packaging base material. The packaging design is a single layer/homogeneous network structure.
BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-fog film is in strong demand worldwide. This is driven by the expanding flexible packaging industry. So, what are the advantages of BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-mist film? Now, let us take a look at it.
1: The shelf life is extended. Compared with other commonly used plastic film, BOPP film provides excellent moisture resistance. And its metallized variant provides a better oxygen barrier for the product. These two characteristics play a key and important role in food safety packaging. This extends the shelf life of the product. Thus reducing the waste of food resources.

2: Product quality. In addition to barrier properties, the film provides consistency and excellent sealing integrity. Due to its good heat sealing strength, low sealing initial temperature, wider sealing window is conducive to improving food safety packaging. So as to protect the role of food quality.
3: Sustainability. Compared with other plastic film substrates, BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-fog film has a relatively low carbon footprint. Because of the lower melting point, the energy required to convert one form to another is lower. Reprocessed particles of BOPP resin are widely used in the manufacture of injection molded parts and household goods. Such as seat cushions, chairs, tables, car parts, etc.
4: Aesthetics/Graphics. BOPP fresh-keeping and anti-mist film has excellent transparency. So it can provide a high level of beauty for product packaging. Half-tone printing for multi-color printing can also be done easily on film. So we can get high quality graphics. In addition to this, various metallized films have a nice metallic appearance.
5: Low Density. Lower density leads to higher yields during the conversion process. For other plastic films of the same length, low density results in lighter weight per roll. This is good for material handling.
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