BOPP anti-fog film is a kind of transparent BOPP functional film with double-sided corona, double-sided heat seal and double-sided anti-fog.
The product can effectively prevent water vapor from forming fog on the surface of the film.And ensure the appearance of high transparency packaging. The anti-fog grade of the product reaches grade E to prevent the “condensation” of the film surface. Let customer products show excellent shelf and display, can effectively extend the shelf life of packaging.

Features: Excellent anti-fog and double-sided heat sealing; High smoothness, thermal fuse, printability, good penetration resistance, high transparency, can keep fresh for a long time.
Thickness: 20,25,30,35,40mic
Roll length:3000-6000M
Application: Used for fruit, vegetables, sushi, flowers, cooked food packaging. Displayed in supermarket shelves, its aesthetic effect is better than other ordinary films.