POF heat shrink film is a kind of transparent gloss and close to the appearance of the packaging film, its energy saving and environmental protection, high shrinkage, transparent gloss, strong tear resistance and other characteristics subvert the limitations of traditional packaging film, by the market welcome, by consumers love.

POF shrink film is mainly processed by plasticexes extrusion process, shrink film can be used to package the rules and irregular shape of the product, and its transparency is better, can make people understand the product more clearly, increase people’s understanding of the product.

Benefits of POF Shrink Film

The main benefits of POF heat shrink film packaging materials are the following:
1, Safe and environmental protection, no harm to human health.
2, Transparent packaging, easy to observe the product, to ensure the aesthetics of the product.
3, Simple use, the goods can play a protective role.

Benefits of POF Shrink Film
Benefits of POF Shrink Film

Application of POF heat shrink film:
Can be used in the packaging of daily necessities, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc.
Can also be used for cans, mineral water, a variety of beverages and other products of the whole collection packaging. The heat shrink film is also particularly suitable for packaging large size or irregular objects, solving the problem of packaging of opposite-sex objects, and the heat shrink film greatly reduces the packaging cost.