Stretch films apply to a variety of package.
Below we will introduce the application of the stretch film in detail for you.
There are 4 main usages:
The first sealing package: Sealing packaging is equivalent to heat shrink film package.The films is all included around the tray. Then seal the film on both sides to generate a sealed package together.
The second full width package: Width of the film completely covers the tray. And, thick of the film is generally 17-35 mic. This type must be processed by the factory.
The third manual package: Manual package is a very simple one in the stretch film package. Put the manual film on a shelf or hold it by hand, rotate the tray or turn the film around the tray. The key to manual film package apply to pallet packaging. And the package tray is damaged and packaged again. Manual film package speed is relatively slow. Thick of the film is 15-20 mic.

The fourth machine package: It is a mechanical equipment package method. Mechanical package ability is very high. About 15-18 rolls per hour. The thickness is about 15-25 mic.
The application of stretch is low cost. So it can save a lot of electricity and energy.
Safety factor is good. It can have the effects of anti -pollution, waterproof, and cleaning services for the packaging, so that the package is solid.
It is generally suitable for containerized package of export trade, food industry, paper industry art, glass ceramics, electronic equipment, chemical raw materials and other products.
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